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CS124D March Hares

CS124D March Hares

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CS124D March Hares Coloured COPYRIGHT


CS128D Riverside

CS128D Riverside

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CS132D Funky Chicken

CS132D Funky Chicken

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CS132D Funky Chicken COPYRIGHT

CS134D Kingfishers

CS134D Kingfishers

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CS134D Kingfishers COPYRIGHT

May’s Monthly Special!

Introducing May’s Monthly Special!

CS133D Country Gate

Monthly Special

This Stunning Country Gate set is the latest design

from the legendary Sharon Bennett.

Beautiful Country Scenes that can be built up and used with other scene-it stamps. 

You can grab it now at only £8.99 for the month of May!

 including a project sheet by Jenny Mayes and free P&P! 

Country Gate

Becki 😀 

Colouring one Bird 4 ways!

Hi All, Becki here…

I hope everyone has had a great bank holiday weekend?!

This is a little colouring project I started at the Workshop on Saturday when I thought I’d start a blog post about the importance of a colour chart!

Most Companies will provide their own printed colour chart for the mediums they sell. This is a good start for reference but you can’t beat a hand coloured chart that you’ve filled in yourself. (It doesn’t matter what medium you have… Alcohol Markers, Water based products, Pencils etc…)

This way you can see exactly what you own and what the colours actually look like. Which makes it so much easier choosing what will work for your project.

I will include some blank colour charts at the end of this blog post.

Colour Chart

Loads of gaps on my colour chart but you can see what my most used tones are.

So whilst planning this post for the last week I thought I’d take my own advice as I haven’t used my pencils since I first got them. Why?!

Oh yeah because every time I picked up a pencil I was finding it was not the right colour. Seems basic and yet why hadn’t I done a hand colour chart. I finally did last week and ended up using my pencils over the weekend! Woohoo 😀


I sometimes chose a picture for reference if I’m ever unsure on colours of a bird or animal. I just think it makes life easier when you have a visual of how you want your colouring to look. 


I don’t think I have ever seen one of these little chaps (Coal Tit) the same with a Firecrest (also in the stamp set). I’ve talked to so many customers who have said they have seen them. I’m so Jealous! Realistically if these little guys live near you who needs the reference right?! I keep filling the bird feeder at home and Mr Robin is a firm reliable in the garden. So I normally start with colouring a Robin.

I am using CS118D Garden Birds Clear Stamp set designed by the very talented Sharon Bennett.

GARDEN BIRDS copyright


Ok since writing the above I feel like a bit of a muppet! I strolled downstairs and went outside to check how full the bird feeder was and low and behold  – a Coal tit. I couldn’t believe it! He flew away pretty quick.

So I can safely say I have seen all the above birds in my garden.

Bird 1

*Note this is just for reference so chose a colour, from your medium, which is a similar tone.

If using Alcohol Markers stamp using a Memento InkPad. I always start with the lightest colour which in this case was Warm Grey W0.

Using Water based products you will want to stamp using a Versafine InkPad.

Bird 2

I got a little bit carried away before I took the next picture but you get the idea….. build up the colour using similar darker tones.

Bird 3

By starting with the lighter colours it makes it easier to add darker tones, for shadows and texture for feathers, later. If you don’t like the blend you can always go over the darker ink with the lighter colour.

Bird 4

Use Warmer Earthy tones for the belly. I started with E41 and went in with E42 just for a bit of shadow at the top and bottom of his belly.

Bird 5

Again go in with a few Warm Grays on the belly. This just blends the overlap of colours better and adds some shadows and texture.

Bird 6

Finally go in with a White Pen. I sometimes think I overdo it a little with the white pen but I always think I will just add a stroke here and there and before you know it… my picture is covered.

So that is me finished Colouring one Fluffy Bird.

I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial.

This has got to be one of the longest posts I’ve written… If you made it this far ‘YAY’ and hope it helps!

Becki x 

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