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Hobby Workshops

Afternoon Everyone,

I hope that you have had another great summer day.

I prepared this post nearly a fortnight ago, but you know me and technology we are not the best of friends. I lost all of the links to the Hobby Art website and it has taken ages to get them sorted out, so my apologies for not posting this before now.

I was lucky enough to be invited by Hobby Art Jenny to teach at the workshop at the beginning of the month. Good food, wonderful products to play with, and 32 enthusiastic ladies, what a great way to spend the day.

I taught two workshops in the morning to half of the group and then after a rather tasty lunch they swapped tables to work with Jenny while I taught the same two classes to the rest of the group.


It turned into a gloriously hot day and so of course I had typically chosen Autumn and Christmas themed cards lol.


The first workshop was about masking using the fabulous Falling Leaves stamp set and the Mask-it sheet from Woodware.


I just love leaves, I’m definitely an Autumn girlie.


I was very good and finished off all of the bits and pieces when I got home so there are several more samples to share with you than I had prepared for the ladies.


Of course there was shopping to be done throughout the day so a fabulous leafy die set fell into my basket.

mftleaf die

I think that it had only just arrived, Becki was frantically pricing things, so I’m not sure if it has even made it on to the website yet.


The second part of the masking class used a strip of masking tape across the middle of the card instead of fussy cut leaves.


This card used a double strip of tape and then some fussy cut and coloured leaves to embellish the edges.

I had such fun with this stamp set, and as you can see I have added several cards suitable for men to my card stash.

I think I will share the second class in a separate post so as not to overwhelm you with pictures.

Have a great evening.

Hugs Kimx

Hi there lovely peeps

It’s been ages since I have blogged for Hobby Art . So sorry and yes I have missed you ….so much has happened at home it’s been a mad few months ….so back with you again now and I would love to share a few makes with you just showcasing a few of the older stamp sets …you know the ones you buy think ….that’ will come in useful then put away and forget about.

So I thought I would do a step by step guide if you like to how to use our wonderful Scene it stamps …the Beauty with these is you can pretty much use them with each other as they work if you interchange them .let me show you what I mean .

CS133D Country Gate

CS133D Country Gate COPYRIGHT

and CS138D Nature Trail


First I’m going to use a 7×7 square card  and Sprinkle Talcum powder over it then edge the card with masking tape NOT the permanent kind the temporary one ! otherwise you will tear your card!


You can use a tumble dryer sheet or a chalk bag to dust the card with Talc is just my own preference  ….


Ink and stamp you main image then I like to sprinkle clear embossing powder over the top and heat emboss ….that allows me to use any medium to colour without the ink bleeding.


I have then added a tree stamp and the deer from Nature trail ,  heat embosses those too and then added a post it circle over the house to create the sun ….I wanted a sunset …..


Making a cloud mask to do my clouds I use 5p’s, pound coins and an egg cup for the bigger circles.

13898214_1381148178566101_1748149473_o (1)

Placing the mask where I want the clouds to go…Lightly Blend either with a blending tool or brushes. Move the mask Blending the colour as you go.


You should end up with something like this .


Add different greens to finish and colour the houses and the deer …Finally I stamped the blackbirds.


A bit of matting


A squiggly line just because.   And add to your card stock ….sorted job done .


Next time I will try for a longer more panoramic view using different sets not just trees and animals

But for now Lovely Peeps crafty hugs xxx