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About Bernie Simmons

Hi Everyone. I am Bernie Simmons Proud member of the Hobby Art Design Team, I have been crafting for many years but started scrapbooking when I had my boys, James is now nearly 23 and Rory 19. It was while working out at Rory's school on day I was tacked to clean out an art cupboard...out fell stamps inks and brushes.....I was hooked. Love to craft and alter anything and I'm never happier then when I am either out with my two boy's walking our five Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs or covered in ink! I hope you like my makes and what I do.

A host of Golden Daffodils

Perfect for Mother’s day. Easter. Birthdays or Get well cards this set pretty much cover all your bases a good staple to have as a go to set when you’re stuck as to what to do ….

CS162D Daffs & Bells

Here I have uses the two single daffs to make a wreath the smaller fussier ones underneath …. My preference but you could swap them round or even stamp alternate ones if you wished by simply mask off and stamping over part of the mask ….The word are a good sized HAPPY with easter Birthday and Mother’s day. And Daffs and Bells do scream spring xxx Hope you like my offering.  Spring has sprung xx

Crafty Hugs xxx


Quack !

Hello Everyone .  Hope you have all had a chance to look at our lovely new monthly special set.

 CS159D Quackers

It’s adorable I fell in love with this set as soon as I opened it.  There are so many different kind of ducks … from elegant White Runners … the the more heavy Muscovy ducks and with Crested Ducks and Mallards and everything in between  a duck is not just a duck ….For those who don’t know Ian’s Mum Lives over in france …. retired out there 20 plus years ago and keeps ducks . In their time out there they have had so many different kinds …. My Fave was Cindy who kind of turned up one day and adopted them …. made herself at home and would come and go as she pleased but would never go in the Duck house overnight …She was a Muscovy Duck and boy she was full of attitude.  on one of our many trips over there we were asked to go to a duck farm …. I didn’t realise at the time but all the ducks there were being bred for Foie gras pate. Rory pick up a baby duck and the farmer gave it to him … Jamie had another one … those two Goliath ducks never made it to the table in the way of pate…. but lived a very good life on M.I.L’s farm and lived to a ripe old age….. One was Donald the other Quakers.

Hope you enjoy this set as much as I have done  and hope you like the card here … it’s a card for someone so I hope they like it x

I hope you like it too x

Crafty Hugs

Bernie xxx


Hope you had a lovely Christmas ….

…But now for something completely different.  The new Stamp of the month set I was going to  make christmassy  and still may go with a winter theme  but today my heart screams BRIGHT colours so Zig Clean Colour pens were the order of the day.  Turquoise, Purples, Blues, Greens just pure joyous colour.  Stamped and heat embossed in white then a  pick up a pen and colour away the pens are like brushes so soft and easy to use ….  let the magic begin…… Glorious colour and the stamp and the Zig Pens do the rest.

DMSFBFF Funky Bird & Flower Set

I hope you like what I have done

Bernie xxx




Hi there lovely peeps

It’s been ages since I have blogged for Hobby Art . So sorry and yes I have missed you ….so much has happened at home it’s been a mad few months ….so back with you again now and I would love to share a few makes with you just showcasing a few of the older stamp sets …you know the ones you buy think ….that’ will come in useful then put away and forget about.

So I thought I would do a step by step guide if you like to how to use our wonderful Scene it stamps …the Beauty with these is you can pretty much use them with each other as they work if you interchange them .let me show you what I mean .

CS133D Country Gate

CS133D Country Gate COPYRIGHT

and CS138D Nature Trail


First I’m going to use a 7×7 square card  and Sprinkle Talcum powder over it then edge the card with masking tape NOT the permanent kind the temporary one ! otherwise you will tear your card!


You can use a tumble dryer sheet or a chalk bag to dust the card with Talc is just my own preference  ….


Ink and stamp you main image then I like to sprinkle clear embossing powder over the top and heat emboss ….that allows me to use any medium to colour without the ink bleeding.


I have then added a tree stamp and the deer from Nature trail ,  heat embosses those too and then added a post it circle over the house to create the sun ….I wanted a sunset …..


Making a cloud mask to do my clouds I use 5p’s, pound coins and an egg cup for the bigger circles.

13898214_1381148178566101_1748149473_o (1)

Placing the mask where I want the clouds to go…Lightly Blend either with a blending tool or brushes. Move the mask Blending the colour as you go.


You should end up with something like this .


Add different greens to finish and colour the houses and the deer …Finally I stamped the blackbirds.


A bit of matting


A squiggly line just because.   And add to your card stock ….sorted job done .


Next time I will try for a longer more panoramic view using different sets not just trees and animals

But for now Lovely Peeps crafty hugs xxx



Oh Flower of Scotland …..

When will we see your like again…..

Opps sorry getting carried away there! Rugby season you see and Rory “Singing”!  in his own way …..someone needs to buy the boy a bucket to carry the tune in !


The Highland Cattle set has the most beautiful thistle in ….I know they are meant to be classed as a weed but I like them, odd I know but they bring back childhood memories of the council flats in London where I was born and bread  the concrete playground was always covered in Thistles Rosebay Willowherb and Cow Parsley. Oh and Pink Bindweed not the white ! …. The Circles are a stencil with ink brushed through and the Thistle have been stamped in versafine ink and then heat embossed with clear embossing powder, this lets me colour with Pro-Markers without the ink bleeding  ……Did the same on a bit of pink card and added a lilac ribbon really easy card to do I hope you like it xxxxx

Moo-rning Och aye it’s that time again !

Well have you guessed ….We have Highland cows.


Funny Story.  I remember going to a farm years ago and they had these there …now bare in mind I had a VERY sheltered childhood brought up in 1960s London.  And  had therefore little understanding of nature and all things animal so as a little ‘un I loved to read ..Black Beauty was a favourite book, comics anything I could lay my hands on …who here remembers Pinky and Perky?  I had an annual circa early 60s maybe 62 or 63…. I was 4 or 5. Well we used to come to Cornwall on family holidays took hours from London sometime’s 2 days if the traffic was bad  well we stayed over on night at a farm to break the journey and  saw these HUGE wooly cows that were Highland Cattle …why in devon I have no idea but I am sure they were the same …the farmer’s wife led me out to where they had a horse  and there were chickens and ducks ….I was enthralled. Would you like to see the pig’s you have pig’s My eye’s lit up Pictures of Pinky and Perky in their dungarees flashed through my mind and one wearing a red beret one wearing a blue …. the little house all clean and tidy with one of them holding a feather duster doing the dusting while the other made the tea and cut the cake …..She led me outside to the barn I thought I was going to the house …..I was stunned this couldn’t be where the pigs lived it was filthy …and the pigs and the pong ….I burst into tears there and then !

This stamp set evokes so many memories I burst out laughing as I opened it and was reminded of a much more innocent time … I hope you like it I will play again with this as have just stamped out the larger image and played a bit with ink and watercolours …..very therapeutic in this day and age of rushing and never having time for you …unwind take a brush and see where you go …My mind switches off and I am once more that little girl looking at the animals for the very first time.

Hello Lovely Peeps.



Hi Everyone only me xx

Are you all back down to earth with a bump after Christmas….Can’t believe how cold it is today. However smile, 🙂  cause Spring really is just around the corner we have Daffodils in the park and Grape Hyacinths in the front garden despite the wintery blast we are having today.

So for this card I thought I would use the BLOSSOM stencil from Tim Holtz 

I started by placing the stencil randomly and colouring with distress inks on the main card blank using ink brushes.  Starting with Scattered Straw. Peeled Paint and Iced Spruce.  Coloured with the lightest colour (Scattered Straw) then moving the stencil and going with the mid colour ( Peeled Paint) then lastly the darkest colour (Iced Spruce) the lighter colours I dabbed all over, the Iced Spruce because it is darker I used sparingly . I then took two pieces of card and stamped the Bird on a branch onto one and the Birthday sentiment onto the other in versafine and heat embossed them to raise and set.

Back with the stencil and add the leaves being careful not to add any inside the bird …you can cover him while you do this but I was lazy and just avoided getting the ink inside the image as I was stenciling.  Add the stencil to the card with the sentiment on and colour all over this using the same colours  I painted the bird in Twinkling H2Os matted both images on black cardstock and then trimmed to size, but….the photo does not do it justice IF we get a nice sunny day I will take another and share with you either here or on FB …..the mica does shine in the sunlight however with the bad weather we have had here this week a decent photo was not very easy to take . But I hope you like it .

Crafty hugs to all xx

Bernie x

Robin set. Snowflake stencil and Merry Christmas.

Hello Everyone …Sorry for not blogging I have had a few health issues the last couple of months and have not been on top of my game because of it …however back on the horse as they say and feeling much better so here as promised is a blog post showcasing the wonderful Robins set . they were November’s Monthly Special Stamp set made in grey rubber they stamp out beautifully I like to heat emboss my cards as I think it gives a more defined look it also helps the colouring too I find. I had a quick play and the robins do make a great stand alone stamp with nothing added. But that would be to easy ….and I do like my backgrounds…..Sky …clouds ….no I wanted something christmassy ….So I pulled out a few snowflakes from the snowflakes set  and for the Robins.  Then I found a stencil in the shape of a snowflake from my stash Tah Dah! perfect . A Quick Merry Christmas also from Hobby art and with brushes inks and a few pro-makers I was good to go.



So there we are Two of the lovely Robin’s set and my take on them …not clouds but the snowflake works I think . Hope you like it too

Wishing you all  Health Wealth and Happiness and may you have all you want around your tree….for me that will be family.  So have a Very Merry Christmas And I look forward to crafting with you all in the new year.

Merry Christmas Bernie xxxxx

Where the wild thing’s are ….

Hello Lovely Hobby Art Peeps.

Forgive me it’s been a busy day and lots happening.  We leave for France on the early boat ! …..These things are sent to try us.  So here I sit after packing. ironing. packing. Ironing ….you get the idea stressed to the max!

In between all this I did manage to catch Jenny Mayes this morning at ten wasn’t that a good show…loved the demos I have LOADS of shiny card so watch this space for more tips on how to use it…… Jenny kindly sent me the brand new Wild flowers set which will be Hobby Art’s  Monthly Special in Sept ….Not had time to play with the Santa’s properly yet ! LOL  So many really stunning set’s coming from Hobby Art at the moment. so below I have managed to make a card with the new set but be warned these are very addictive I picked them up very late last night and came up with this …I like the lemon and lilac colour-way for a change and I had to add a bit of green in there .  (One of my Favourite colours) I hope you like it and do take a peek at the new set its a stunner Sharon Bennett you have excelled again.

Crafty Hug’s

Bernie xxx


Morning all xxx and Santa.

Hi Everyone …Me again.

 I have been a bit quiet in more ways then one as both hubby and i have had a lurgy …rather nasty chest infection that has left us both poorly …but I am determined not to be beaten by it so here is a very quick card …just to earn my keep and show you all I’m still alive ….I maybe down but I’m not out! ….

The card below uses one of Santa’s from the August’s Monthly Special  Father Christmas set….a spellbinder in two sizes a mask for Santa and a little ink for the clouds and snow ….Faded Jeans was the colour I used for this …Santa was stamped in Versafine Onyx Black and then heat embossed with clear powder this stops the inks running when you go to colour him in it also helps to define the outline and to me gives a more pleasing effect…..I used a verity of reds  …Poppy. Ruby. And a Dark Pink but I’m afraid I don’t recall the colour exactly Cool grey 1 for his  fur around his coat with a little white pen to highlight the odd bit and warm grey 2 to add a little shade here and there….Lime for the candlelight with white pen again and sandstone for his lantern  stick ….black belt again a little white ..and White pen for the snowflakes dotted around the card with a few pearly ones to make it look as though they are in the foreground …. Stuck the topper onto snowy Acetate and job done .

 I hope you like my offering this week xxxx

Note to self .MUST keep hubby away from me when he has his next lurgy.!  I don’t like being ill.

Crafty Hugs

Bernie xxx



Poppy. June Monthly Special.

Hi all…….(Oh no not that woman again) 🙂

I have popped by to give you all a quick look at what I have been doing with this lovely set. I do like Poppies. I have quiet a few favourite flowers. But the Poppy has to be in my top three,  with the family having strong Military connections.  here is a little peek at what I made on Saturday …My Poor postie know’s when I am waiting for something I start to stalk him as I see the Postman pat van drive past, he parks about fifty yards away and I have been known to go up while he is parked and stand with impatience as he searches through his bags for my post! Saturday I couldn’t wait to play have bought a set of patchwork dies earlier this month I thought I would dig them out and put them through their paces I was thrilled they work so well with this set I hope you like what I have done.

More from this set next week ….

Crafty Hugs





Whack! Technique tutorial


Hi Everyone.I have had a couple of requests to explain how I achieved this look it probably has a proper name But I know it as the “Whack Technique” this is what you need and how you do it..DSC07601

The palest Inkpad you have but NOT white …you need to be able to see the colour I have taken two here Antique linen and Scattered straw ….either will do. If you don’t have these maybe try a pale green.  Using distress of other water-based markers Aqua Markers would be good for this too take a selection of colours I chose.

Crushed Olive.

Forest Moss.

Fired Brick.

Seedless Preserves.

Broken China.

Old Paper.

Tumbled Glass….oh and a water brush!


Using Both sets of grass and one of the birds from the Birds and grasses set. ink the bird in Antique Linen and stamp him on the card look were his feet are …you will need to marry the claws to the grass when we come to stamp it out  then make a mask for the bird by stamping on a post-it note and cutting it out don’t forget when you stamp the mask to include the image on the sticky part of the post it…lol how many times have I not done that.


Bird and mask now stamped in place we come to the grass…. I have used the grass with what looks like to me straw going across it  this is what I have popped the bird on ….


Do you see what I mean ? so taking the Grass-straw stamp ink it with scattered straw all over then when it is still wet, take your palest green distress or aqua marker and tap over the top randomly.


Continue doing this with the rest of the colours until you are happy you have covered most of the image.  See Below:


Then give a good Huff over the stamp and being careful to stamp it where the birds claws are …you “should” end up with something like this….


Leave the mask across the bird ink up the other grass stamp the one with the feathery  grasses on it. Ink it in Scattered Straw or Antique Linen.  Then using old paper Distress marker tap over the heads of the grass do the same with Crushed Olive and Broken China pens tapping as you go …


Stamp over the top of the grass and bird …he still has his mask on so will be good to colour when you have finished do this two more times. yours should look something like this .


Your nearly ready to start colouring I use a tile to spread my colour onto using the distress markers, again you could as easily use aqua markers or even the ink straight off the pads …stick to the same colours you have used for the grasses though otherwise you will have a muddy mess. Take the post it note off the bird and start to paint I have chose Crushed Olive,  then start to fill the leaves with a little colour don’t over do this it needs to be soft,  your’s should look a little like this  (see below)


All you need to do now is matt and layer …


And there you have it .

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial . And more to the point understood it . Any questions PM me I am always happy to help another crafter. xxx

Crafty hugs Bernie xxxx

May already….

Isn’t the year flying ?  We are in the fifth month already in another five month’s our thoughts will be turning to N.E.C and Christmas. I would like to if I may share with you all “Seagulls” it is a take on the Cornish artist Brian Pollard. he lives not far from us and I adore his cheerful prints. This is using the Seagulls Stamp from Hobby Art

You will need Pro-markers in brights and pastels….brights for the doors and boats and pastels for the buildings. A good mixture of blues for the sea starting with indigo for the sea furthest away where the lighthouse is  and ending in aqua nearest the bottom right corner. All I did was make wavy lines and graduated the blues from dark to light…I spent a very pleasant hour just colouring it was lovely. Add there is, if you look closely a dash of Wink of Stella here and there. …However hard I try I can never get it to photo so you can see it…. I added a few clouds and then matted the picture on Red White and Blue card and picked a sentiment from the BY THE SEA Stamp set …added a few wavy cloud’s to it and matted that too . I did however find my wavy embossing folder this and the dots where the first ones I ever bought ..Years old from provocraft for the Cuttlebug. Mine gave up the ghost a long time ago but the folders still come out to play, as you can see! I did run two bits of card through … I wanted to see what the whole thing would look like if I put gilding wax on the swirls …I thought they were OK …but I preferred the card white to me it looked more like white waves….well I hope you like my offering ….Till next time Crafty Hug’s

Bernie xx


Morning all….Turned out nice again!


LOL I say that very tongue in cheek as the last few days we have had every season under the sun here in Plymouth.  Sunshine… rain… hail… sleet… snow and back to sunshine again all in the space of a morning.

Being fed up with the weather sent me to my cave ….I call it that as its a small room in our basement which has no natural light what I would give for a window with a view.

The new monthly special stamp set March Monthly Special – Flowers for Friends is sitting on my table waiting for me to open and have a play it has a lovely what looks to me like a Ranunculus Flower which is a buttercup to you and me pretty cheerful flower that reminds me of lazy summer days walking Durban my boy dog as the new shoots of grass grow in between them….I find myself looking at my pots of Brushos …..For the uninitiated Brushos are small pots of gorgeous colour paint. that make the most amazing background’s finding the two colours I needed I set to work.

Taking a piece of Centura Pearl cut to size I used 5×7 but then trimmed it down after I embossed this in the spellbinders machine what the folder is called sorry I really dont know I have had it years ….its a well used and old favourite. This done I then cut a small piece of card again using Centura pearl just enough to stamp the panel that is in this set…stamped in black versafine and then heat embossed with clear embossing powder.

Let the fun begin

Taking some water in a fine mister bottler spray the stamped embossed image  I went with Lemon and Lime green for this card but there are so many lovely colours  I should say before we go any further when you get your paints they are sealed ….do not be tempted to open them the way to do it is …take your pokey tool and make a hole with this in the center so it looks like a salt celler ….then on the wet card shake a bit of the powder and watch  the crystals explode in colour I like to put the lightest colour on first then add a little of the darker colour after I find though this is a random way to make art it does give you a little more control over where it goes …..I added the lime to the bottom after sprinkling the lemon over the card first just let it run the effects are totally amazing ….

Now you remember our lovely embossed  card that we ran through the spellbinder with the pretty folder ….add a splash of water and add a sprinkle of colour again Lemon and Lime to that too.  I have put mine at the bottom where the sentiment will go and on a separate scrap of card add another mist of water and add the lemon and Lime to that….when dry add the sentiment required and either heat emboss using clear powder or use Black archival mat and layer the sentiment and image on Lime and Yellow card… then mat and layer the whole topper using Lime and yellow card and stick to card stock 

Hope you like this card …and can you keep a secret ? the Brushos will be in stock at Hobby Art soon………. Watch this space. xxx

Crafty hugs

Bye bye for now x

Bernie x

Good Morning campers!



Good Morning all ….it seems at the moment one of the things I seem to be doing most is walking my dogs…..your own fault for having so many Bern!…. Well yes and no we had two Rhodesian Ridgebacks Durban and Purdy. Who we intended to breed .  Just one litter I don’t run a puppy farm nor will I ever do so …….but the two dogs we had were and still are outstanding dogs.  Wherever we went we were complimented on them so we decided after thinking long and hard to have ONE litter.  The months went on and finally the Joyous news Purdy had caught and was having a litter  due October

October 1st dawned Purdy and been restless and nesting most of the night and at 8.10 the first pup was born by six that evening we had ten healthy fat puppies tired and hungry we cleaned her and fed her as she was feeding she passed what we thought was wind ….we were wrong there was pup number eleven because she was the youngest and smallest we called her Squirt….this little dog became Rory’s my youngest boys best friend …..we sold eight of our litter all without exception went to good homes,  And we thought we had homes for two more but alas it was not to be so we ended up keeping two more pups, Jilla and Pierrot ….Now I know it may not be everybodys cup of tea but a house with five dogs is never boring….with the dog walking in mind how could I not do a card with Rory and his best mate walking over our  local park using the brand new  February Monthly Special – Old Barn.  I cut the shape from my cricut and then bigger sizes to mat and layer added it to a square card behind and trimmed off the square edges  All the inks used were distress inks I hope you like the card as much as I enjoyed making it ….this really is a peak into the everyday doings of a mad dog woman who loves to craft.

Crafty Hugs Bernie xxxx  Tail wags from Squirt!

Not one in sight ….then like buses three come together

Bad Girl Bernie I missed a blog post on the 12th Jan so sorry peeps but in my defence I have been unwell …I wont bore you with all the details but to make up for it I have not one …not two but three projects to share with you .

The first is using a rubber silhouette stamp which is of an oriental poppy.

You will need 4 circles of card 2 white and two red the 2 white cards need to be cut at 4 inches and 4  1/2 inches the red need to be cut at 4  1/4 inches and 4 3/4 inches so when you layer them up you will have a graduating circle ….

Next ink your stamp in black onyx versafine and heat emboss in clear embossing powder. Then cut through the middle and make an asymmetric cut on both sides of the card as shown in the photo layer onto smallest red circle then onto white and last onto red again and tape to card. add verse as required DSC07170

The next project I would like to share is a tag well two tags using the same stamp but two very different looks …The first is clean and simple a white tag using the Silhouette Grasses which is a grey rubber stamp. How I did this is I inked in Antique Linen distress inks and then taking distress markers using the brush end tap the marker over the already inked stamp I used a selection of different greens for the stem’s of the grasses and then tapped lightly over the tops of the flowers in Peacock Feathers stamped and heated with a heat tool to set and popped a Happy Birthday sentiment on the side .


This is a tag using the Fleather effect with the Silhouette grasses on one side and the Butterfly’s from the Butterfly set on the other all the colours are gilding wax I hope you like them xxxxx





Do you ever make a card for a friend just because….I was asked to participate in a R.A.K . For those who don’t know what this is it stands for Random Act Of Kindness.  A lovely lady I chat to on Facebook and I have also had the pleasure of meeting  is Doreen Sympson.  So on my travels one day a spied a small card easel  which I thought would be a good little thing to send light useful and small enough to pop into a Padded envelope ….. Ideal so now needed a card to go with it. I  decided to make a bright and cheery easel card to match it!

I chose the Sunflower set to help banish the winter blues.  And a sentiment from the Sunny day Greetings the other sentiment on the topper is from Friends Sentiments ….Small Butterflies are from the Butterfly set.

Stamped then with Versafine onyx black the quickly heat embossed in clear embossing powder. ….This allows me to use pro-markers to colour the images without the ink bleeding….the colours used  for the sunflowers were lemon, summer sun , and sunflower,and the greens are Apple Cider.  Pear Green and Lime Twist.the Blue is Tumbled Glass distress ink with my home made cloud mask ( I cover how to make this in a previous post)  and the green ink was Bundled Sage Distress ink which you can buy from Hobby Art the black line at the back of the sunflowers is draw in with a Black pro-marker using a fine nib….Well I hope you enjoy looking at this card and much as I enjoyed making it for Doreen …..go on you don’t need a reason to tell someone you are thinking of them make one …..Just because.



Tim Holtz Snowflake Hobby Art snowflake and sentiment


Hi Everyone sorry I have been quiet . I have had a stinking cold , Oh nothing major but you know what it’s like when you feel poorly everything seems to take twice as long. here is a card I made using the Tim Holtz Snowflake  …..

You will need Tim Holtz cutting/embossing die

White card cut to size for die cut.  And circle of card for painting onto   I used a 5 1/2 inch circle. And another circle cut a little larger to mat and layer it onto

Any blue Brusho powder paints

Small mister bottle with a little water

Hobby Art snowflake stamp

Sentiment stamp

Versamark inkpad

White embossing powder

Heat gun.

Blue distress inkpad and an Antique Linen inkpad


The Tim Holtz snowflake can be bought from Hobby Art it has an embossing folder with it so …first I cut the snowflake out with the Big Shot. then put a little ink in the embossing folder lay the now cut snowflake in the folder and emboss ….when you take it out you will have a image tinged with blue and linen ….nice put to one side and leave to dry.  Do this again as you will need two snowflakes.  Next take the Circle gently sprinkle over with brushos  (Rich coloured powdered paint ) and lightly spritz water over the powder the colour will explode in front of your eyes… you can leave this to dry naturally or you can turn the circle this way and that to chase the paint round the circle or you can dry with a heat gun but don’t dry or heat to close to  the card, now its damp it scorches easily. so you have a round piece of card and a drying snowflake the round card should be dry before you stamp in versafine your Hobby Art snowflake….just stamp them randomly not too many…. then shake white embossing powder and gently heat with heat gun stamp out your sentiment on another piece of white card.  ( I find this is a good way to use the scraps of card I have left over from other projects )  Mat and layer the sentiment and  attach the now dry Snowflake to the middle of the circle ….and cut the other  snowflake in half  and attach to the underneath of the now matted and layered image then glue to cardstock of your choice ……I hope you like it. xxx

Crafty Hugs

Bernie xxx




Hi everyone …

Hope you are all keeping warm we have had frost today and the dogs here are all cuddled up together trying to keep warm. as the night ‘shave well and truly drawn in our thoughts turn to Christmastime I thought I would share a card that is a joy to make.

First choose the Gilding flakes, I chose some with red flakes in but they come in all sorts of colours. I use cosmic shimmer glue and a piece of cut and dry foam. I spread the glue across the pad with a coffee stick I have a batch of these for using just for this purpose once the glue is spread and soaking into the cut and dry I then take my stamp and INK it with the glue…..if you see what I mean then taking your card stamp the glues image transferring the glue from the stamp onto the card …wash stamp…. then taking the card with the glue hold it over the gilding flakes and sprinkle over the card leave for a minute  this lets the flakes set on the glue and then gently taking a rough sponge rub GENTLY off leaving the now gilded tree …I added a few red gems to mine but you can now do as you wish adding glitter or snow to the background…I used a Time Holz holly stencil at the back on my cardstock just to make it more Christmassy bit again it looks just as good left plain with a simple greeting Love this stamp I hope you do too and if you would like to order it I’m sure you would have it in time for those last minute Christmas cards.

Poinsettia Tree

Brand New Foam Mounted Poinsettia Tree. Foam mounted stamps require an acrylic block (not included)
Product code
I hope this gives you a few ideas xxxx
Crafty hugs Bernie xxxx



Hi Everyone.

I was at the NEC for two days Last week Thursday and Friday … Up and showered at 4 am. I left home at 5am despite a very long and stressful journey I reached NEC at 10.45….while on the journey up I could SEE if you like in my minds eye, a card very different from what I would normally do. I asked Jenny If I could have a play to see if I could get it onto paper and Friday was given the chance not just to get it onto card,  but to demo it on the stand while doing so now…..I have never demo’d Oh I run workshops but my peeps all no me so there is no fear! Added to the fact I have never rehearsed or even had a dry run on this card and here I was doing it live …..Hands shook and heart thumping I began going back to basics I stamped the poppies from the Poppy Set first as though they are cascading from the sky and angels hands then masked them with paper ….no post it notes! then stamped the Grey Rubber Angel over the poppies not perfect but hey work with it. Clouds next making one of my masks out of card and using brushes being careful not to go over poppies or angel ! I gently put the clouds in where I wanted them to be using Tumbled Glass distress inkpad and brushes. That done I stamped the soldiers from the Commemorative Set silhouette in first generation In k(Black)k at the front bottom of the card then in second and third generation ink behind to make it look as though there were a lot of soldiers not just one line. Then went about colouring the poppies and angel and stamped REMEMBER at the top matted and layered  in red and black card and job is done.

Hope you like this Idea it really was an idea that came as I was waiting for the train to get moving as we were at a standstill due to cows being on the line xxx
To all who have served and still do I thank you without your sacrifice we may not have the freedom to curse the cows on the line or enjoy the freedom we so often take for granted today.

Hobby Art Scene it tutorial, Including how I make my cloud masks.

Hello Peeps

Well what a change since we last spoke! The nights are drawing in and dare I say it ….we have the heating on! Tis a bit Brrrrrrr! Well this months Hobby Art stamps are truly delightful… Three sets that compliment each other beautifully.
Falling leaves and Walk in the park….with a sentiment set called Sunny greetings. Oh I just couldn’t wait to play. Now as its autumn and the warm colours the reds browns oranges and greens are so glorious I thought I would make an autumn card …..didn’t quiet work out like that but well lets see what happens!

I knew from last month I wanted to make a shaped card ……Like many of us I have a few machines! a few I dust lovingly but like a lot of thing’s they don’t come out to play very often ….today as I was looking for something a little different to do I happened upon a cricut cartridge called “Straight from the nest” Looking at this I remembered I used it last month and somewhere on it was a maple leaf, nice shape I thought, what if I cut it out and used the window the leaf leaves to put a picture in there mmmmmm

This took a few goes to get right as the size was to small….when I was happy with the size I put a piece of card under it taped it down with low tack masking tape and set to work ….I needed to make a cloud stencil I have bought these in a flimsy sticky plastic but find these tear far too easily I am better off making my own out of a bit of card and assorted coins I find its a good way to use up the white inner that comes with the Hobby Art stamps. 🙂

I take an assortment of coins. Here I have a five ten and pound coins then simply arrange them on a bit of card as you see I have used the inner bit from the stamps …nothing goes to waste here! and draw round the coins till you have a cloud like image


Cut out you will end up with something like this….


Then take your cloud mask and place it over the top of your Maple leaf …or whatever shape you are going to use and gently with stencil brushes or Foam pads add colour to your clouds sponge on the card onto the scene you are making move the cloud mask down and do the same again till you are happy with the cloud cover leave room to put the hills and grass in, now you can go really moody or bright or do different colours altogether …..just have a play around and see what happens remember its only a piece of card it’s not the end of the world if it goes wrong x


Clouds in Happy ? Lovely now for the grass….Rip another piece of scrap card to make the hill that is going to be our background leaving a straight edge on the other side of the card. Taking a green inkpad work from the bottom of the scene dragging the ink across the torn piece of card to gently make a few hills ….


Are you with me so far? Just keep moving the hills slightly and adding ink till you reach the clouds on the scene. Keeping the Maple leaf stencil in place you are now going to stamp the scene INSIDE the stencil I used Onyx Black from Versafine and started with the bandstand. Then added the small tree behind that stamping twice in first generation ink but the last tree in second generation ink you will notice I have stamped OVER the card that is the stencil ….don’t worry you are meant to do this. Add the large tree and lastly the cyclist the whole scene should look something like this.


I added one more stamp the trees in the horizon just to tie it in and bring it all together peeling away the stencil you should now have a picture within the maple leaf that resemble this …….I then stamped in the Kite text and popped the Kite at the top of it using the text as the tail, a bit of colouring in. I then matted and layered it job done.


Hope you like it and that you find this tutorial easy to understand any questions just ask me on here or Facebook I am always happy to try and help another crafter.
Have a great day I hope you love the new stamps as much as I do xxxx

Crafty Hugs Bernie xxx

Hello Crafters.
I still cant believe the sunny weather we are having can you. I don’t mind admitting I am finding it very hard to make Christmas cards in such warm sunshine. But here is a lovely stamp from Hobby Art made from grey rubber A lady Pm’d me on Facebook and asked me to recommend a nice easy stamp to use for quick Christmas cards Fergus the polar bear came to mind as he is a quick stamp and lovely to use.
I used a Momento Inkpad in London Fog to stamp him out onto white pearlised card-stock. I than heat embossed the image with clear embossing powder I added a few snowflakes and then heat embossed those in white and then added a little frantage to them just to make them glisten. I coloured the scarf in pro-markers, coloured his nose black and put a small dollop of glossy accents on it to he will have a shiny nose. swirled the back in pale blue with a stencil brush and added a little blue dotty ribbon and matted it with silver mirri-card. The card I used comes embossed with snow flakes so all I did was to rub a little pewter gilding wax over the raised images to make them stand out. Then stuck the topper to the card added a Happy Christmas sentiment and there it was job done ….I quick easy card that would be ideal for a beginner or if you have a batch to do for school or table top sale.

Warm September.

I am loving this weather….warm days and cool nights wonderful. Hope you are all well with the late summer we are having I thought I would do a splash of colour before we go into Christmas whole heartedly ….I love the 2 flowers from the Sketchy Flowers set ….and it just goes to show what you can create with very little….I used

Floral Sketch Set

A verse from Inspirations

A flourish from the Flourish set

Onyx Black Versafine

Clear embossing powder to set the ink

Heat gun



To Colour them I used Brushos….Paint Crystals just a few grains goes a very long way. Small Paint brush, and a little water because the Versafine was heat embossed you can water colour without the ink running I used Red Orange and Yellow Brusho grain I love how it turnend out I hope you do too xxx

These are the sets used:

Inspirations Copyright WEB

CS067D Inspirations

image (2)

CS053D Flourishes


CS017D Floral Sketch

HI there Happy Monday.


I know most people really don’t like Mondays …But I do a new week with things to do and new challenge’s all good fun in life’s rich tapestry. The weekend kind of came and went in a bit of a blur. I was really hoping against hope that I could have gone to the Great Craft Extravagansa at Stoneleigh in the Midlands I used to live not far from there in Coventry and miss the friends there an awful lot xxx Anyway I digress. The trip to the Midlands this weekend wasn’t to be so we passed it catching up with jobs that needed to be done ….and talking about NEW challenge’s I have bought from Hobby Art some of the most Beautiful Pencils the new Spectrum Noir ones. Oh they are lovely so soft and smooth to use with no lines hardly at all and the lines I did have I was able to smooth out with my finger by gently rubbing and blending …..I am a fan. So I started to play a bit more. Added water to see what effect I would get….I was pleased with the result Lovely for water colouring what do you think I used Sketchy Flowers by Anna Flanders which is a favourite of mine I heat embossed in Versafine Black Onyx and clear embossing powder, then 3 pencils all from the primary colour Spectrum Noir Set Red Green and Yellow and the sentiment is from the Friends Sentiments set and a few sticky foam pads I hope you like it xxx


Well the open day of The Mare And Foal Sanctuary went well I think there were many more people there then I expected. The horses and ponies all looked adorable and I lost my heart to many of the horses there…From Topaz who thought she was a super star to Stanley who really was, and was fresh from winning a lot of prizes and rosettes at a local horse show last week.
Here are a few Photos of horses that the sanctuary helps.



The Scrapbook pages where on show in one of the stalls. I am pleased to say there where lots of lovely comments made and I hope they made everyone who saw them pause and think a while of what the horses went through.


The Hobby Arts Commemorative set along with the Remembrance and Poppy Sets designed by Sharon Bennett were made to do this type of Historical Scrapbook Commemorating the sacrifice our previous generation’s made. I don’t know of another company who has made stamps with Scrapbooking in mind …..Don’t just think WAR though. The Poppy could be used for many other reasons …..We are a military family with 4 generation’s having served and still serving. The pass out parades and the Remembrance day marches are part of our lives. I hope you have enjoyed this journey through history with me. I hope what I have created with the photo’s of the past help in some small way the horses of the present.



Hope you have enjoyed looking at these as much as I have enjoyed making them so for now take care.

Bernie X

Hello Peeps Scrap book time again.


DSC06195DSC06199 DSC06200 DSC06201 DSC06202

Hope you don’t mind me sharing The Horse Layouts again. I seem to have spent so much of my time making them since Sally asked me. I think it would be a shame if they were not shared .
Hobby Arts stamps are just right for this I hope you agree with me as we take a trip back in time to One Hundred Years ago ,to the beginning of the Great War in 1914. You have already seen A Million Horses went to war did you know only 65.000 came home ….there was not a horse left in England all the Polo ponies the riding house’s  Cart horses Dray’s all were commandeered to serve in a war they have so many times before throughout history.

If we owe a debt of gratitude to any animal it is the horse…they have worked for us ploughed our fields been used as transport used for our entertainment for sport and used to fight our battles in war since time began.

We owe so much to this most noble of animals.

Hi Everyone Bernie here.

Good Morning and it’s Monday. I must be one of the few people I know who actually like Mondays,  A new week with things to do and challenges to meet.

My friend Sally Page contacted me a few weeks ago about a project that is dear to her heart. Sally worked at Mill Ford special school as school secretary and then left and now works at the Mare and Foal sanctuary near Totnes in Devon. They are having an open day on the 3rd Aug at Coombe Park Littlehempston so if you are in the area go along and support a very worthwhile cause.  Sally approached me to make some scrapbook pages using the photos of horse’s from the First World War I said I would love to….. Love Scrap-booking just do not get a chance to do it very much any more. That said Hobby Arts Commemorative, Remembrance and Poppy Set’s  are perfect for this era. So if you pop along to The Mare and Foal Sanctuary  Take a look at the scrapbook layouts that show the World War One Photos  as they were made by yours truly .  Some of the photos are not to clear but it gives you an idea of the conditions that the men and animals faced at that time ….I cannot lie some …well a lot brought a lump to my throat.


A Million Horses Went To War.


DSC06133 DSC06135

DSC06136 DSC06138




One Hundred Years….Ad Memoriam.