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January News!

Belated ‘Happy New Year’ to you all……

It’s all go here.  While Peter is off snowboarding in Bulgaria Becki and I are running around in circles getting everything ready for the Create and Craft shows at the end of the month. Having said that we are both managing to find time to make lots of cards with the new stamps. The stamps are lovely and addictive!  Sharon Bennett has worked her magic again.


 The date of the Create and Craft shows was originally the 29th January – so some of you may need to change the calendar! The shows are now 7pm on Tuesday 27th January and 8am on Wednesday 28th.

 As usual there will be 2 new sets plus 2 foam mounted stamps.  We’re thinking ‘spring’ now although, with the snow arriving in different parts of the country, maybe I’m being a bit optimistic.  All the Design Team are hard at work (we call it work) making lots of samples and some are already arriving…… you won’t be disappointed.


We’re also launching a ‘Hobby Art monthly special’ on the 1st February so I’m flitting from one project to another at the moment.  If only the cards I made in my dreams counted!

You’re going to love the Monthly Specials. Each month there will be a NEW clear set, or rubber stamps, 10% off the usual price, with a free project sheet. There will also be extra offers, on the website, to go with the new set.  The information will be on the website at the end of January but dispatch won’t start until 1st February.   I’m sooo excited.



Anyway back to work….. I’m just off to pack the goodie boxes for the 1st Workshop of the year on 31st January. Then more cardmaking I think……It’s such a hard life.

Bye for now.

Jenny x



Whoops.  Sorry folks……. I can’t believe I left Lisa’s beautiful canvas behind when I went to Create and Craft yesterday, especially after it took her 5 hours doing it!  I love the leaf stamps so I’m sure they will go on Create and Craft again. So the canvas will make it to the TV eventually.

If you’re going to NEC Birmingham you will see the canvas on our stand (G22) – it will be the first thing I pack!!!  If you’re not going here are some pictures.

photo 2 copy

photo 3 copy

A lot of the stunning cards, created by the Design Team, weren’t shown on the Create and Craft shows. These are REALLY FABULOUS so take a minute or two to have a browse and see the ones you missed. The team are a talented bunch and it’s such a shame when the cards don’t get shown but you’d be amazed how quickly the hour flies. On the plus side, we got quite a few demo’s in instead.

Sadly Bernie’s lovely and clever leaf/walk in the park card was one that wasn’t shown but you will see she did a step by step on the blog (posted yesterday) – well worth a look!   Jenny x

The best laid plans………

The best laid plans of mice and men! I think I’ve quoted that correctly but, if not, I’m sure you know what I mean!!!

I always think the days are longer than they actually are and that I can fit it more than I really can. That’s my way of saying I thought I was going to find time to blog every day but I spent the weekend enjoying myself instead.

Saturday I had a lazy day which, after a busy week, I thought I deserved, especially as I have things booked for the next 6 weekends. I did a minimum of the domestic goddess bit – a little gentle exercise hoovering the house and a bit of washing.  It was definitely a glasses off day which means I can pretend not to see any dust in the corners!

Sunday I went to the Calling Musical Festival on Clapham Common. Not quite Glastonbury but it was similar as we had a soggy afternoon – a wet umbrella’s/waterproof jacket sort of day – while watching Jack Johnson and Paloma Faith.  Fortunately the rain stopped ready for a beautiful evening. Topping the bill was the awesome Stevie Wonder who sung non stop for over 2 hours. Got to admire the stamina of the man – he didn’t even break out in a sweat.

Talking of stamina mine ran out after the very late night Sunday and blogging didn’t even come into my thoughts yesterday!  So – Friends to the rescue – everyone is filling in the gaps in my blogging technique.  So, starting tomorrow,  you’ll be hearing from the Design Team regularly too.

Some good news we’ve added another Christmas Workshop in Tadworth because the last one filled so quickly. This will be on November 15th. Don’t hang around though I know this will fill quickly.

We’re already playing with the new Christmas stamps ready for the next Create and Craft show on 17th July. (By “We” I mean the Design Team. Becki seems to be permanently glittering at the moment!I)  I’m swapping backwards and forwards between Christmas and other stamp sets making cards ready for Newbury this weekend. (I’ll be on the Art of Craft stand) and Summer Crafting in Doncaster on the 12th/13th July. Hopefully I’ll see some of you then.

Here are a couple of cards from the last Create and Craft show.



Thought I’d share this poignant card too. It was made by one of our customers Doreen Sympson, using the Commemorative set. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Doreen Sympson

Bye for now. You’ll be hearing from LisaB tomorrow.

Jenny X

…….And relax!

…….And relax.  Well sort of.

Last week was crazy here – sooooo busy.  With the new website going live, two TV shows on Create and Craft and a Workshop in the space of 10 days I guess that’s hardly surprising.

Tv Photo

I didn’t blog for a few days, partly because it was hectic, but mainly  because we needed to tweak the website a little.  This has been done now so you will be able to see the posts clearly and not hidden in a jungle of other information.  That means, although you may not hear from me every day, the Design Team will be saying “Hello” on a regular basis!

After a busy week it was lovely to end it with a Workshop which I thoroughly enjoyed. 27 ladies attended and a good time was had by all. The day went very quickly and I’m sure lots of the ladies needed a long rest when they got home because we worked them very hard!

I’d been asked to do “scene-its” so we made a concertina card using the Country Garden set which took a while. Then we made a quick and easy butterfly pop-up explosion card. Although it was easy to do I think it’s awesome.

Butterflies Card Scene-it Card


Heidi Green, one of our talented Design Team, helped on this Workshop so the day was divided with 2 projects with her and 2 with me. I think you’ll agree her projects are stunning. The poppy one uses the Remembrance set and the “book” one uses the bell set and one stamp from the vintage set.

Bells outside Bells inside

Poppy Card

Peter (Director/Production Manager at Hobby Art) and his twin brother are raising money for Princess Alice this year.  Since I didn’t fancy the London to Brighton cycle race, or the Tough Mudder Assault course they’re doing later on in the year, Becki and I decided to have a raffle at the Workshop.  This raised £163 (Thanks you ladies) which took the boys over their target. Here are the winners!


1st Raffle Prize

Raffle Draw

Raffle Draw…

Raffle 1st Place

1st Prize Basket of Goodies – Dene Hayton

Raffle 2nd Place

2nd Prize £20 to spend in the shop – Judy Williams

Raffle 3rd Place

3rd Prize A stamp set of choice – Jackie Latter

The August and October (Christmas) workshops are full but, due to list of people wanting places I will be repeating the Christmas Workshop in November.  I’m just waiting for the date to be confirmed so watch this space if you’re interested.  The first 10 places go to the ladies already on the waiting list!

All for now. Back soon.

Jenny x

Setting a record….

Hi everyone,

This has got to be a record – I’ve blogged 3 days in a row!  Admittedly this one is “skin of the teeth.”  It’s so late in the day because I’ve been out enjoying myself and there was no time to get to a computer.

This morning I met up with Jo, Ethan (my 11 month old Grandson) and Becki to support Peter and John (my twin boys) en route as they have done the London to Brighton cycle race today. Actually all I did was wave but it’s the thought that counts. I’m very proud of them because they are doing a lot of fundraising for Princess Alice Hospice where their dad died last year.

Then I headed for London, a bit windswept, (definitely a bad hair day) to have lunch with my cousin and then see Romeo and Juliet at The Royal Albert Hall.  Absolutely awesome – One of the best productions I’ve seen and I have been to a few ballet’s. Mind you if the lead male dancer is Carlos Acosta the battles won – I’m sure to love it – just a bit biased then!

So I’ve done no crafting whatsoever today – not a smidge.  Fortunately tomorrow mornings post will be like Christmas Day as all the Design Team samples will arrive but you will have to wait until Wednesdays shows to see them – I know I’m mean but here’s a pic or two instead.


photo (10)

Night 🙂

Day 2…..

This doesn’t happen too often – me blogging 2 days in a row.

Don’t get too used to it but you might be fooled into thinking that I’m just a little bit chuffed with the new website! We’d love to hear what you think of it.

It’s been raining on and off here today. It’s bad enough that the cats have anchored down and found themselves cosy spots to sleep out the day. I’ve just found Roo (alias Fat Cat) asleep on my bed.

The cats usual position, on a sunny day, is in the garden sunning themselves or sprawling on their backs, legs akimbo, on the drive. I’m practiced at it now but we’ve had a near miss or two when I swing onto the drive, in the car of course, and miss them by inches. (Since we now have a modern website, instead of the antique one, perhaps I should say centimetres!)

When the car approaches Taz merely opens one eye and waits for someone to pick him up or runs towards the car to greet us – either way it’s a car stopper.

His routine (he thinks he’s a dog) is to come out of the house at 4pm (our neighbour knows the time by our cat!) and wait until someone comes home albeit 5pm or 8pm – he’ll still be waiting. We’re wicked and have been known to creep up on him when he dozes off while waiting for us. (He’s elderly and a bit deaf, although we think the deafness is a bit selective a bit like his owner) He then opens his eyes and you can see the surprised expression – Where? what? how?

The rain is bad enough that I can’t be distracted by gardening. That’s a bonus because it means, as soon as I’ve posted this, I’m off to craft for the day. I’ve got lots of samples to do for the Create and Craft shows and our Workshop next week. You’re going to love the new sets – That’s all I’m saying………


Card made by Kim Reygate

Quick pic to brighten your day – now I’m off to play.

Jenny x

The new website’s live………….


This is a good day, the sun’s shining and I’m pleased (and just a bit excited really!) to say “Hello” and welcome to our new website. It’s taken much longer than expected to set up but hopefully it was worth the wait.

This is just the starting point and we will be adding lots of new things during the months ahead so watch this space!  When I say “we” I really mean Becki who has put in all the hard work to get the website ready.

When you place your first order on the new website you can add the code NEW to receive 10% off the cost.  This is to welcome you to the website and applies to your first order only.

This week is the “lull before the storm” as next week will be hectic.  Mind you this week will, no doubt, get rather busier with the launch of the new website and also the packing of all the new stamps to go to Create and Craft.

I’m on Create and Craft on Wednesday 18th June at 10am and 1pm (See Events Page). The Design Team are well ahead of me – they’ve been playing with the new stamps and have made beautiful sample cards already, which you will love.  I’m just starting now but thought I’d better blog first.  You know what I’m like when I start stamping – everything else is forgotten! Midnight comes and goes and there I am, in my own little world, still colouring in!

As you know I’m not the best in the world when it comes to blogging – time passes so quickly – but I’m intending to blog more often on the new site.  Fortunately I will have a little (or rather a lot) of help from my friends as several of the Design Team will be blogging too.

I’ll keep it brief and say ‘Bye’ for now – as you don’t want to be listening to me when you could be looking at the website!


Jenny X