Day 2…..

This doesn’t happen too often – me blogging 2 days in a row.

Don’t get too used to it but you might be fooled into thinking that I’m just a little bit chuffed with the new website! We’d love to hear what you think of it.

It’s been raining on and off here today. It’s bad enough that the cats have anchored down and found themselves cosy spots to sleep out the day. I’ve just found Roo (alias Fat Cat) asleep on my bed.

The cats usual position, on a sunny day, is in the garden sunning themselves or sprawling on their backs, legs akimbo, on the drive. I’m practiced at it now but we’ve had a near miss or two when I swing onto the drive, in the car of course, and miss them by inches. (Since we now have a modern website, instead of the antique one, perhaps I should say centimetres!)

When the car approaches Taz merely opens one eye and waits for someone to pick him up or runs towards the car to greet us – either way it’s a car stopper.

His routine (he thinks he’s a dog) is to come out of the house at 4pm (our neighbour knows the time by our cat!) and wait until someone comes home albeit 5pm or 8pm – he’ll still be waiting. We’re wicked and have been known to creep up on him when he dozes off while waiting for us. (He’s elderly and a bit deaf, although we think the deafness is a bit selective a bit like his owner) He then opens his eyes and you can see the surprised expression – Where? what? how?

The rain is bad enough that I can’t be distracted by gardening. That’s a bonus because it means, as soon as I’ve posted this, I’m off to craft for the day. I’ve got lots of samples to do for the Create and Craft shows and our Workshop next week. You’re going to love the new sets – That’s all I’m saying………


Card made by Kim Reygate

Quick pic to brighten your day – now I’m off to play.

Jenny x

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