Hobby Art Scene it tutorial, Including how I make my cloud masks.

Hello Peeps

Well what a change since we last spoke! The nights are drawing in and dare I say it ….we have the heating on! Tis a bit Brrrrrrr! Well this months Hobby Art stamps are truly delightful… Three sets that compliment each other beautifully.
Falling leaves and Walk in the park….with a sentiment set called Sunny greetings. Oh I just couldn’t wait to play. Now as its autumn and the warm colours the reds browns oranges and greens are so glorious I thought I would make an autumn card …..didn’t quiet work out like that but well lets see what happens!

I knew from last month I wanted to make a shaped card ……Like many of us I have a few machines! a few I dust lovingly but like a lot of thing’s they don’t come out to play very often ….today as I was looking for something a little different to do I happened upon a cricut cartridge called “Straight from the nest” Looking at this I remembered I used it last month and somewhere on it was a maple leaf, nice shape I thought, what if I cut it out and used the window the leaf leaves to put a picture in there mmmmmm

This took a few goes to get right as the size was to small….when I was happy with the size I put a piece of card under it taped it down with low tack masking tape and set to work ….I needed to make a cloud stencil I have bought these in a flimsy sticky plastic but find these tear far too easily I am better off making my own out of a bit of card and assorted coins I find its a good way to use up the white inner that comes with the Hobby Art stamps. 🙂

I take an assortment of coins. Here I have a five ten and pound coins then simply arrange them on a bit of card as you see I have used the inner bit from the stamps …nothing goes to waste here! and draw round the coins till you have a cloud like image


Cut out you will end up with something like this….


Then take your cloud mask and place it over the top of your Maple leaf …or whatever shape you are going to use and gently with stencil brushes or Foam pads add colour to your clouds sponge on the card onto the scene you are making move the cloud mask down and do the same again till you are happy with the cloud cover leave room to put the hills and grass in, now you can go really moody or bright or do different colours altogether …..just have a play around and see what happens remember its only a piece of card it’s not the end of the world if it goes wrong x


Clouds in Happy ? Lovely now for the grass….Rip another piece of scrap card to make the hill that is going to be our background leaving a straight edge on the other side of the card. Taking a green inkpad work from the bottom of the scene dragging the ink across the torn piece of card to gently make a few hills ….


Are you with me so far? Just keep moving the hills slightly and adding ink till you reach the clouds on the scene. Keeping the Maple leaf stencil in place you are now going to stamp the scene INSIDE the stencil I used Onyx Black from Versafine and started with the bandstand. Then added the small tree behind that stamping twice in first generation ink but the last tree in second generation ink you will notice I have stamped OVER the card that is the stencil ….don’t worry you are meant to do this. Add the large tree and lastly the cyclist the whole scene should look something like this.


I added one more stamp the trees in the horizon just to tie it in and bring it all together peeling away the stencil you should now have a picture within the maple leaf that resemble this …….I then stamped in the Kite text and popped the Kite at the top of it using the text as the tail, a bit of colouring in. I then matted and layered it job done.


Hope you like it and that you find this tutorial easy to understand any questions just ask me on here or Facebook I am always happy to try and help another crafter.
Have a great day I hope you love the new stamps as much as I do xxxx

Crafty Hugs Bernie xxx

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