Moo-rning Och aye it’s that time again !

Well have you guessed ….We have Highland cows.


Funny Story.  I remember going to a farm years ago and they had these there …now bare in mind I had a VERY sheltered childhood brought up in 1960s London.  And  had therefore little understanding of nature and all things animal so as a little ‘un I loved to read ..Black Beauty was a favourite book, comics anything I could lay my hands on …who here remembers Pinky and Perky?  I had an annual circa early 60s maybe 62 or 63…. I was 4 or 5. Well we used to come to Cornwall on family holidays took hours from London sometime’s 2 days if the traffic was bad  well we stayed over on night at a farm to break the journey and  saw these HUGE wooly cows that were Highland Cattle …why in devon I have no idea but I am sure they were the same …the farmer’s wife led me out to where they had a horse  and there were chickens and ducks ….I was enthralled. Would you like to see the pig’s you have pig’s My eye’s lit up Pictures of Pinky and Perky in their dungarees flashed through my mind and one wearing a red beret one wearing a blue …. the little house all clean and tidy with one of them holding a feather duster doing the dusting while the other made the tea and cut the cake …..She led me outside to the barn I thought I was going to the house …..I was stunned this couldn’t be where the pigs lived it was filthy …and the pigs and the pong ….I burst into tears there and then !

This stamp set evokes so many memories I burst out laughing as I opened it and was reminded of a much more innocent time … I hope you like it I will play again with this as have just stamped out the larger image and played a bit with ink and watercolours …..very therapeutic in this day and age of rushing and never having time for you …unwind take a brush and see where you go …My mind switches off and I am once more that little girl looking at the animals for the very first time.

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About Bernie Simmons

Hi Everyone. I am Bernie Simmons Proud member of the Hobby Art Design Team, I have been crafting for many years but started scrapbooking when I had my boys, James is now nearly 23 and Rory 19. It was while working out at Rory's school on day I was tacked to clean out an art cupboard...out fell stamps inks and brushes.....I was hooked. Love to craft and alter anything and I'm never happier then when I am either out with my two boy's walking our five Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs or covered in ink! I hope you like my makes and what I do.

2 thoughts on “Moo-rning Och aye it’s that time again !

  1. Isobel Hunter

    Fabulous card. Got my highland coo set yesterday and I love it. Loved reading of your childhood adventures with the farm. X

  2. Louise Thomson

    I wonder if the cows you saw in Devon were Red Ruby cattle? They have long horns and hair similar to Highland cattle but a rich colour as the name suggests. They are a particularly special breed to Devon so it got me wondering… Loved your pinky and perky story! Lou x


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