Navigating the Blog & Website

Navigating around the Blog & Website

Hi Everyone, another quick post to guide you around the website and blog.

We have some great galleries, tutorials and posts all in their separate places on the blog.

To help you find everything quicker and easier I thought I would set up this mini guide.

Step by Step

Blog Help - Access

1. So there are two ways to reach the blog from our homepage (see red boxes) 

so the main toolbar at the top of the page and our little laptop on the front page can always be clicked to get there.


2. Alternatively if you want the Tutorials that also has it’s place along the top of the tool bar (see Red Box) but please note this will only be the tutorials not every blog post will be here. This is specifically the step by step tutorials or You Tube clips.

Blog Help - Categories

3. So as you can see after I hit tutorials here we are on that page. Now everything is still accessible from here. I have put a (Red Box) around all the categories you are still in the blog and can reach any part by simply clicking Blog Challenge, Customer Cards, News etc…

Please feel free to wander about and click on things whilst reading…if you need to find this article It is always in the categories “Help & Support”. It  would be great to hear what you think of our blog and tutorials please feel free to leave us a comment at anytime on the bottom of the posts.

Home Page

4. Getting back to the main part of the website is easy. You can click on Home or our Logo at anytime and you will always return to or if you wanted to go straight back to products etc…


If you need any help at all please contact us via email:

or Tel: 01737 789977



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