Quack !

Hello Everyone .  Hope you have all had a chance to look at our lovely new monthly special set.

 CS159D Quackers

It’s adorable I fell in love with this set as soon as I opened it.  There are so many different kind of ducks … from elegant White Runners … the the more heavy Muscovy ducks and with Crested Ducks and Mallards and everything in between  a duck is not just a duck ….For those who don’t know Ian’s Mum Lives over in france …. retired out there 20 plus years ago and keeps ducks . In their time out there they have had so many different kinds …. My Fave was Cindy who kind of turned up one day and adopted them …. made herself at home and would come and go as she pleased but would never go in the Duck house overnight …She was a Muscovy Duck and boy she was full of attitude.  on one of our many trips over there we were asked to go to a duck farm …. I didn’t realise at the time but all the ducks there were being bred for Foie gras pate. Rory pick up a baby duck and the farmer gave it to him … Jamie had another one … those two Goliath ducks never made it to the table in the way of pate…. but lived a very good life on M.I.L’s farm and lived to a ripe old age….. One was Donald the other Quakers.

Hope you enjoy this set as much as I have done  and hope you like the card here … it’s a card for someone so I hope they like it x

I hope you like it too x

Crafty Hugs

Bernie xxx


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About Bernie Simmons

Hi Everyone. I am Bernie Simmons Proud member of the Hobby Art Design Team, I have been crafting for many years but started scrapbooking when I had my boys, James is now nearly 23 and Rory 19. It was while working out at Rory's school on day I was tacked to clean out an art cupboard...out fell stamps inks and brushes.....I was hooked. Love to craft and alter anything and I'm never happier then when I am either out with my two boy's walking our five Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs or covered in ink! I hope you like my makes and what I do.

4 thoughts on “Quack !

  1. Jo-Heidi Bruhn

    Love your card and sure hope the person you made it for does too! I can’t imagine why not.
    The background with the feathers… looks great. The combination of blue and brown tones is gorgeous! However, I’ve never seen a duck like that before. What kind is it?
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Bernie Simmons Post author

      Now I think ? These are known as Khaki Campbells ….. But don’t quote me on that I think there is a proper name but not sure what it is …..
      Glad you like it and I hope you enjoy the set as much as we the DT have enjoyed playing x

  2. Nannieannie

    Bought these stamps at Newbury Craft Show yesterday and did a workshop with Heidi using these stamps. Lovely project.

    1. Bernie Simmons Post author

      Nice set to use I like the duck head on its own too as he looks
      Quirky …. I love quirky stamps x I hope you like the set as much as I do xxx


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