Setting a record….

Hi everyone,

This has got to be a record – I’ve blogged 3 days in a row!  Admittedly this one is “skin of the teeth.”  It’s so late in the day because I’ve been out enjoying myself and there was no time to get to a computer.

This morning I met up with Jo, Ethan (my 11 month old Grandson) and Becki to support Peter and John (my twin boys) en route as they have done the London to Brighton cycle race today. Actually all I did was wave but it’s the thought that counts. I’m very proud of them because they are doing a lot of fundraising for Princess Alice Hospice where their dad died last year.

Then I headed for London, a bit windswept, (definitely a bad hair day) to have lunch with my cousin and then see Romeo and Juliet at The Royal Albert Hall.  Absolutely awesome – One of the best productions I’ve seen and I have been to a few ballet’s. Mind you if the lead male dancer is Carlos Acosta the battles won – I’m sure to love it – just a bit biased then!

So I’ve done no crafting whatsoever today – not a smidge.  Fortunately tomorrow mornings post will be like Christmas Day as all the Design Team samples will arrive but you will have to wait until Wednesdays shows to see them – I know I’m mean but here’s a pic or two instead.


photo (10)

Night 🙂

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