Vintage Heart

Hi all,

It feels like ages since I’ve done a little tutorial/project.

Monthly Special JAN 2016

I absolutely love the Vintage Flowers and have been waiting months and months for this to be released. When I got in from work the other night I really had a ‘bee in my bonnet’ and knew I wanted to do something creative. This is what I came up with …

Heart Finished

I was amazed how quick and easy this was to make. I got in the zone straight away and the thing that took the longest was the paint drying between layers.

Here’s the Breakdown…


1. Paint the heart with White Gesso. I’m constantly trying to find quicker and easier ways to do things so I actually used my Distress Tool and a clean Sponge circle and dabbed the gesso on. Gives a quicker application and a slight texture. As long as you don’t mind your tool possibly getting grubby! Wait to dry and do both sides.

Distress Paint

2. Once the white Gesso is dry apply Tim Holtz Distress Paint (Pumice Stone) I dab at the top just once so hardly any comes out and then drag the dauber down to get a streaky effect. This helps give a grain effect. Repeat until the whole heart is covered and you are happy with the result. Leave to dry and then paint the other side.

Dry Brush White

3. Now this is where you want to dry brush some white gesso, sparingly, over the pumice stone paint. Use a dry brush and minimal amount of gesso and I do mean minimal!

eg: Put gesso on your paintbrush and then wipe most of it off on a scrap piece of paper then starting at the top just brush up and down lightly. This just makes it look like grey ash wood (or that’s what I tell Myself)

Painted Heart

This will dry in no time at all, as you have applied very little paint!


4. Stamp Your wording on one side with Vintage Sepia. Put the heart to one side while you work on the flower. 


5. Stamp Flower onto cardstock using Desert Sand memento. This is a perfect shade for the no lines technique!

(if you don’t want to use alcohol markers use the inkpad that applies to your medium of choice)

Now using the wooden heart draw around where you want the flower on your heart (that’s why mines at a funny angle) This way you only colour the part you want to use.

Colours Used

These are the colours I used from my copics BG45 Nile Blue, BG57 Jasper and BG09 Blue Green. If you have other brands ( Promarkers, Kurecolor etc..) Look at your hand coloured, colouring chart for reference to choose similar tones.


6. I used the lightest shade first BG45. Colour a petal at a time until you get used to the technique. When you are braver then you can take on a larger area if you want to!


7. Medium Shade next BG57. Using the brush end lightly flick/sweep up the flower so the pressure on the brush is going from heavy to light.


8. Finally the darker shade BG09 around the outline/edges and the line detail on the petals. Repeat this until all petals are coloured within the heart pencil line.

Finished Colouring

9. Cut out the flower within the heart and adhere to wooden heart. I used Pinflair glue and curled the cardstock lightly to add a little bit of shape. Thread some twine.

Heart Finished

Job Done!

Items I used are listed below.


White Gesso

TDD38573 (1)

Pumice Stone Distress Paint


8cm Wooden Hearts


Desert Sand Memento

I hope you enjoyed this little project

Happy stamping!

x Becki x 


4 thoughts on “Vintage Heart

  1. Barbara Swannack

    Just love these stamps so pretty and versatile. Thanks Becki, got my replacement and others in the postbox.

    1. Becki Post author

      Thank you for your lovely comments. Glad the replacement set turned up quickly. Becki 😀

  2. Tracey Thurston

    Fantastic tutorial, ive just received mine and it’s nice to see the step by step pictures xxx

    1. Becki Post author

      Thank you Tracey 😀 I do like a step by step and it’s so much easier to see what to do with the pictures. I just tend to take them automatically whilst crafting now (just In case I do a tutorial) x Becki x


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